During a Wirelss Penetration Test, Our PatientZero Security Team attempts to break into your Wireless Infrastructure from outside the organization. We hack and exploit your wireless access points from a Malicious Hackerโ€™s perspective. Our Wireless Penetration Test covers the following:

  • Client Side Wifi Attacks
  • Testing Weak Wifi Protocols
  • Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks
  • Detecting Rogue Wifi Access Points

Our Methodology:

  • Recon and Footprinting the wirelesss environment, checking for type of wifi encryption and detecting all access points in the organization.
  • Scan and Perform enumeration to detect operational wireless targets
  • Perform Attack and Exploitation to compromise Wireless Target.
  • Upon Successful Attack and Compromise, the internal network is scanned and ultimately an attempt to extract sensitive data like personal information is made.


We provide Summary, Technical Report and Presentation to our clients that highlights our findings such as critical vulnerabilities and explain different ways to mitigate those vulnerabilities.

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