About Us

PatientZero Security is an Indian based Cyber Security Services organization. We focus on providing variety of security services for our clients applications & infrastructure. Some of the Cyber Security services offered by us include Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing today known as VAPT, Red Team Attack Simulation and Source Code Review Assessments.

We also provide customized security solutions as per the client needs. Our Team at PatientZero Security consists of Highly Experienced and Industry Certified Security Professionals each best at different level of technical skills. PatientZero Security, apart from being a CyberSecurity Services provider also conducts seminars and workshops in different Schools and Univerisites to spread awareness, about being a Smart and Secure Cyber User.

Our Vision

We aim to understand each and every need of Customer and also become a leading service provider of security solutions to various organizations.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple. We provide completely customizable and high quality cyber security solutions to organizations. Our Services are of exceptional quality through our friendly and highly skilled professionals.



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