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Web Application & API Pentesting

We at PatientZero Security, penetrate your Website / Web Application through Automated and Manual penetration testing methods to detect any vulnerability.

Network Penetration Test

We provide Summary, Technical Report and Presentation to our clients that highlights our findings such as critical vulnerabilities and explain different ways

Mobile Application Penetration Test

Mobile Application Pentesting is the way toward examining a portable application to discover security shortcomings which will survey front-end UIs

Wireless Penetration Test

During a Wireless Penetration Test, Our PatientZero Security Team attempts to break into your Wireless Infrastructure from outside the organization.

Red Team Attack Simulation

Hacking attacks try to access computers to steal information, install malware, launch a ransomware attack, or enter a network through unsecure computers.

Source Code Review

A Highly Effective Source Code Review discloses issues such as common bugs, potential resource leaks, security problems, and ensure that unit tests cover all code paths.

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We focus on providing variety of security services for our client’s applications & infrastructure. Some of the Cyber Security services offered by us include Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing today known as VAPT, Red Team Attack Simulation and Source Code Review Assessments....

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