Mobile Application Pentesting is the way toward examining a portable application to discover security shortcomings which will survey front-end UIs, back-end web administrations, web administrations (API). During a MobileApplication Pentest, PatientZero Experts will attempt hack your mobile applications from a Malicious Hacker’s Perspective focusing on evaluating the Mobile Application’s Security. We will audit highlights like cryptography, secret key hashing and information stockpiling. Likewise affirming any versatile stage highlights, for example, the iOS keychain, or the unique mark scanner are secure. The Internet contains a tremendous measure of data on the most proficient method to test. All things considered, when we test, we follow the OWASP Mobile Security Project Methodology. This gives a nitty gritty system, regarded by specialists from everywhere the world.

General Approach

Static Analysis

Figuring out of the application will be directed on the significant stages (Android or iOS). This will comprise of robotized and manual review of code through decompiling procedures. This will be led using apparatuses, for example, dex2jar, JD-GUI, instrument and class-dump-z. Programmed and manual source code investigation will be directed using instruments like Androwarn, Andrubis, ApkAnalyser, Flawfinder and Clang Static Analyzer.

Dynamic Analysis

Run-time investigation of the versatile application will be directed through latent systems administration observing and examination. Where conceivable dynamic organization catching and controlling (WiFi and cell) will be led. Record movement examination will be led through investigation of document framework changes during the run-time. This will recognize issues, for example, un-scrambled touchy information being sent, client verification sidestep or put away client certifications.


We provide Summary, Technical Report and Presentation to our clients that highlights our findings such as critical vulnerabilities and explain different ways to mitigate those vulnerabilities.

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