Secure Source Code Review is a Technique that is used to identify flaws in your code. Secure Source Code review involves auditing the source code of an application to cross-check that proper security controls are present, and if they are working as intented in right places. A Highly Effective Source Code Review discloses issues such as common bugs, potential resource leaks, security problems, and ensure that unit tests cover all code paths.

Our Methodology

  • Clean Up : First Step here, is we understand the code annotation before conducting the review.
  • Automated Analysis: We Conduct Automated Scan and do the Analysis. Check for any false positive outputs . Then validate the discovered Vulnerabilities.
  • Automated Analysis: Here we analyze the Vulnerabilities and recommend mitigations them according to the industry standards.
  • Retesting after Patch : Once patches have been applied we re-test the application if the vulnerabilities found have been patched or not. Then we conduct secondary assessment of the code to identify new vulnerabilities as a result of new changes.

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