Internal Network Penteration Testing

While conducting an Internal Network Penetration Test , PatientZero Security Experts simulate the “insider threat” (malicious actor within the organization) by using the similar tools, methodologies and approach used by the bad actors to breach the internal network and IT systems of your organization.

Examples of Insider Threats:
  • Displeased Employees : They are Common types of Internal Threats that mainly aim to cause damage or steal sensitive company information like Business Plans and strategies, Personal Employee Information or sometimes even customer information.
  • Displeased Employees : Sometimes it may be the Customers of the company that may also pose as an insider threat. They aim to steal information like employee data, sensitive Business information and Trade Secrets.
  • Vulnerability Detection: Upon Gathering the Information , we conduct automated vulnerability scans as well as test for Web Application Vulnerabilities manually. Upon completion of Automated Scan, we manually re-check to confirm those Vulnerabilities.
  • Past Employees : Ex-Employees of the Company are another type of insider threats who already know how Business Operations work. They target sensitive information about Employees, and Business partners and trade secrets

External Network Penteration Testing:

During an External Network Penetration Testing, different types of vulnerabilities and security flaws are evaluated in your external infrastructure which include servers, hosts and devices. Our PatientZero Security Experts will examine and research all of your internet-facing assets from an attackers point of view to identify a way to access your network. We use similar tools, methodologies and approach used by the bad actors to breach the public facing systems of your organization.

Examples of External Attackers:
  • Cyber Criminals : Cyber Criminals also known as BlackHat Hackers are most common types of Aversaries. They have malicious intentions and break into your organization for purpose of getting long term financial gains or blackmailing. The BlackHat Hacker can achieve financial gains when he is sells the sensitive company information publicly on dark web.
  • Competitors : Comptitors Directly or indirectly are involved into data breaches of an organization. They mainly target sensitive business information like trade secrets, customer details etc.
Approach and Methodology
  • Recon and Footprinting : To find out information about the internal network enviornment primarily through client discussion and tools to discover assets. This will include list of hosts/systems within a subnet or a particular IP-range.
  • Scanning & Enumeration : To find out about open ports, services, applications and Operating Systems. Mapping of internal network services would help us identify potential entry points through discovery of certain vulnerabilities.
  • Initiating Attack & Exploitation : Once Vulnerabilities are identified, we approach client to confirm if we can proceed with exploitation of those vulnerabilties existing in any internal portals, WebApplications, email and file servers.
  • Extraction & Pivoting : After successful exploitation of certain services, we extract sensitive company data like usernames, passwords, credit card details, customer data or any other information that will help us gain access or try to compromise other systems , this is known as Pivoting through the network.
  • Clean Up : Last Step but necessary is to clean up every sort of information or pentest data left while conducting a Pentest.


We provide Summary, Technical Report and Presentation to our clients that highlights our findings such as critical vulnerabilities and explain different ways to mitigate those vulnerabilities.

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